Engineering Energy supply system, electrical and mechanical design and construction, for private houses, real estates, commercial buildings, and industries.
Planning for reliable, efficient, and rational energy supply systems for remote applications such as: telecommunication systems, village energy supply, home industries, agriculture processing center, drinking water supply, and public health facilities utilizing locally available energy sources like, solar, micro-hydro, wind, biomass and combination of them.
Delivery and installation of technical systems utilizing renewable energy sources for communication sectors (i.e. photovoltaic, micro-hydro), such as: base transceiver station (BTS), repeater station, radio communication (e.g. sea navigation, railway crossing, radio beacon, and highway information system), cathodic protection, traffic signaling (e.g. light house, buoy, barrier flasher),
Planning and supply of system for decentralized power supply systems and rural electrification, such as: stand-alone photovoltaic, micro-hydro power, biomass, wind energy converter, and hybrid power systems.