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Construction of MHP Sumalata [ 2010 ]

MHP Sumalata is utilizing a potential power of Mata-Putih river. Design parameter of MHP Sumalata is as the followings:


- Design Head       : 7.6 m

- Design Flow        : 300 lt/s

- Rated power       : 15 kW


Because of low head, the MHP Sumalata is designed using the propeller turbine. Additionally, the distance from powerhouse to the BTS...

Development Study and Construction of MHP Sendi [ 2009 ]

Sendi village is administratively located at Pacet Sub-district, Mojokerto Regency – East Java Province consisted of 51 households. Sendi village is situated at the conserved rain-forest area and therefore no grid extension is allowed to enter the area.

The Environmental Education Center of Seloliman (PPLH Seloliman), which has long record in operating and maintaining MHP, took an initiative to propose a small MHP plant utilizing the locally available hydro potential for electri...

Development Study and Construction of MHP Wot Lemah [ 2007 ]

Narrative Description of Project :

Wot Lemah micro-hydro plant (MHP) is located in Seloliman Village, East Java. This plant is the second cascade from the first MHP Kalimaron constructed ini 1996. The Wot Lemah MHP project started in March 2009 and commissioned to PAGUYUBAN “PLTM” KALIMARON (PKM),


Water from Kalimaron river is fed into an open chan...