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Development Study and Construction of MHP Wot Lemah [ 2007 ]

Narrative Description of Project :

Wot Lemah micro-hydro plant (MHP) is located in Seloliman Village, East Java. This plant is the second cascade from the first MHP Kalimaron constructed ini 1996. The Wot Lemah MHP project started in March 2009 and commissioned to PAGUYUBAN “PLTM” KALIMARON (PKM),


Water from Kalimaron river is fed into an open channel of 300m long to the intake and forebay tank. The penstock is an exposed steel pipe of 40cm diameter and 35m long. The power house is situated 14 m below and adjacent to the river with the net head of 12 meter. The water turbine is that of Cross Flow T14 turbine rated at 20kW.

MHP Wot Lemah is designed and operated parallel to the earlier MHP Kalimaron Plant and also provide electricity to Bitting and Balekambang hamlets.


GMN provides services covering:

  • Detailed survey and prepare the detailed engineering design of the Wot Lemah MHP;
  • Support PKM in fund-rising, generated from a.o.: community, energy cooperative (Kopenindo), soft loan from PLN (through PKBL facility) and Global Environment Facility (GEF) through Yayasan Bina Usaha Lingkungan (YBUL).
  • Selection of MHP equipment, including: turbine, generator, electronic load controller, dummy load and synchronizer;
  • Construction of civil infrastructures, i.e. weir, forebay, spill-way, penstock, foundation and power-house;
  • Construction of the low-voltage distribution line to: Biiting and Balekambang Hamlets, and parallel line to the MHP Kalimaron;
  • Perform test run and commissioning of the plant.


MHP Wot Lemah was inaugurated by the Governor of East Java Province, Dr. H. Soekarwo, on May 7; 2009.